Career Test


Key Features

  • Get your compatibility score for 400+ Job Profiles.
  • Based on assessment of Interests, Abilities, Personality and Work Values.
  • Taken by more than 2 million people across the globe.


General Guidelines

There are a total of 30 questions in this section about work activities that some people do on their jobs. Read each question carefully and decide how you would feel about doing each type of work:     o Strongly Dislike    o Dislike    o Unsure   o Like    o Strongly Like

Try NOT to think about:
If you have enough education or training to do the work; or How much money you would make doing the work. Just think about if you would like or dislike doing the work.

There are no right or wrong answers!
Please take your time answering the questions. There is no need to rush!

Part 1: Interest Test